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As many of you are probably experiencing, boosting a character can be very overwhelming when you are a new or returning player. Rotations, gear, talents, and everything you missed in the past two years all have to be learned in a couple of months!

Krypted Gaming has decided to join Azeroth before Battle for Azeroth drops, and we’ve been working hard to come up with an efficient, clear methodology for catching up returning players. Most of us are returning or new players, freshly boosted to 110 with 870 item level gear. In this guide, we’ll be explaining the primary catch-up mechanisms that have been introduced, as well as many of the things that you may have missed in your break from Azeroth.

First, we’ll talk about Argus, the primary way to catch up from a boosted character.

The Catch-up Continent

World of Warcraft always releases some way to catch up with the pack, and this expansion is Argus. It’s similar to the island that we saw in Mists of Pandaria, where there are tons of treasure chests and rare mobs that you can kill for Veiled Argunite. This currency can be traded for 910 item level gear.

Getting to Argus

On your freshly boosted character, you should be able to auto-accept a quest in Daralan titled The Hand of Fate. By following this 4-part questline, you’ll be able to get to the Vindicaar, which is the primary location for Argus. It’s sort of like a Legion submarine, except it’s not.

While completing quests in Argus be on the lookout for Unsullied Gear Tokens. These tokens are obtained through loot and can be used to create a piece of gear that is item level 880. The gear acquired through these tokens will be tailormade to the current specialization that you have selected. If you’re questing in a different specialization, you can right-click your nameplate and change your loot specialization.

It is CRUCIAL that freshly boosted 110’s fully complete the Argus story-line, as you’ll obtain a quest that requires you to kill the last boss in Antorus. You can use LFR (press I) to do this, and you’ll get a free Legendary Ring, which is a major item level boost.

The Argus questline is a 3-5 hour time commitment.

Farming Argus

After completing the main questline, you’ll gain access to all of the Argus world and weekly quests. Now, you begin farming for Veiled Argunite, which will prepare you for current Legion content.

Argus World Quests

Every day, world quests will spawn for you in Argus. These world quests will drop Veiled Argunite as well as 895+ gear, both of which help you with catching up. Make sure you do these quests, and target the ones that drop veiled argunite.

Argus Invasions

  • Invasions are like world quests and they reward played with 895+ gear AND Veiled Argunite.
  • Invasions will show on your map every day only after completing the main story of Argus.
  • It is worth to point out that there is a weekly quest titled, Invasion Onslaught. This quest is important to complete because it rewards players with 200 Veiled Argunite crystals and they are the main currency for obtaining FREE 910+ gear.

Argus Chests

Argus has many hidden chests, which contain Veiled Argunite. By gathering all of them, you’ll be able to get several pieces of 910 gear. Take an afternoon and follow this video!

Spending Veiled Argunite

Veiled Argunite can be spent at Thaumaturge for 910 item level pieces. Buy your relics first, and then your trinkets.

Class Hall

DO NOT FORGET YOUR CLASS HALL! You need to be pumping it up with order resources, so that you can gain the ability to wear two legendaries. This takes a few days, so start now!

Mythic+ Keystones

If you’ve ever played Diablo III, this is the same thing as greater rifts. Instead of just having heroic dungeons that you farm over and over, Legion has added keystones that infinitely scale as long as you can run them. For example, a level 2 mythic keystone is a little bit harder than a normal mythic, while a level 25 mythic keystone is a nearly impossible gauntlet. These dungeons scale to give you improved gear, and are one of the primary ways to gear for raids.

Every week, you should be clearing at least one keystone so that you can open the chest in your class hall. To get your first keystone, you need to run a mythic dungeon. Grab some guildies, and get at it!

Keystone Level Item Level
2 890
5 900
9 910
11 920
13 930
15 940


Here are the raids of Legion, and their respective item levels. As a new or returning guild, you will be able to clear Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor pretty easily, and then you’ll start to sweat!

Raid Heroic iLvL
Emerald Nightmare 865
Trial of Valor 875
Nighthold 890
ToS 915
Antorus 945


Time Commitment

Catching up is a fairly decent time commitment, but if you target Veiled Argunite and do your daily invasion points, you’ll be at 910 item level within a week. Make sure you grab a group to at least clear a level 9 keystone, as it rewards you with a piece of 930 gear in your class hall chest.

Thanks for reading! If you’re looking for a guild, come chat with us in Discord!


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