Guide to Legion Potions


Potions are a vital resource for all raiders, but it can be pretty overwhelming deciding which to chug. In this article, we’re going to quickly lay out the potions that you need in Legion. We’ll also go over pre-potting, a common tactic in World of Wacraft. Make sure you have these before your next raid!


Before we dig into potions, we want to go over the pre-potting strategy. Pre-potting is when you chug a potion before a pull begins. This causes the cooldown to start prior to the fight, allowing you to use two potions per fight.

Utilizing pre-potting will extremely help out your DPS. Especially when coupled with Blood Lust, you’ll get a major boost.


Below is the appropriate flask for each main stat.

Stat Flask
Flask of Ten Thousand Scars Stamina
Flask of the Countless Armies Strength
Flask of the Whispered Pact Intellect
Flask of the Seventh Demon Agility


Below are the potions for Legion, and who should use them.

Potion Purpose
Potion of Prolonged Power (budget-friendly) DPS
Potion of Deadly Grace Ranged DPS
Potion of the Old War Melee DPS
Ancient Mana Potion Healer
Leytorrent Potion Healer

Generally, use Potion of Prolonged power while learning boss encounters. Other DPS potions are more expensive.

Other Materials

Other materials that are semi-important,

  • Defiled Augment Rune
  • Food

The above potions severely outclass these, however, so make sure you focus on potions first.

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