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Optimizing gear in World of Warcraft is a science. Whenever you get that fat new piece with a massive item level increase, it’s not always the best choice to throw it on. This is due to stat priorities, and for some classes, they are crucial for pulling adequate DPS. In this article, we will be going over some of the easiest ways for optimizing your gear in World of Warcraft, as well as an advanced method using Simcraft and Pawn.

Easy Way

The easy way to optimize your character is to use AskMrRobot, a tool that helps you find the best pieces of gear for you, as well as run simulations to see where you can improve. AskMrRobot is pretty simple, you can run a very quick gear optimization to see what you need the most.

Downloading their addon is a very easy, passive way to find your best in slot pieces as you pick up new gear. It will automatically let you know if it’s an upgrade, even if it means equipping a piece with lower item level.

Other ways of finding your stat priorities include just reading guides about your character or asking people,

Simcraft and Pawn

Using simulations to test DPS is extremely important, as it allows you to see which gear will help the most, without hours of trial and error. In this section, we will set up Simcraft and Pawn, and plug them in to display which pieces of gear will boost our DPS.

Setting up Simcraft

Now that we’ve installed both Simcraft and Pawn, we log into the game and type the /simc command. Make sure you have the proper talents and gear equipped. By doing this, we open a window that allows us to copy our character data.

Result of the /simc command
















Now that we have copied our Simcraft string, we paste it here and load from the SIMC addon.

Setting up Pawn

With our stat weights generated, we can now grab our pawn import string. Type /pawn in-game, which will open the Pawn addon. Navigate to the Scale tab, located at the bottom, and import the information we received from the Simcraft website.

Importing to Pawn

The Final Result

If everything was done correctly, we can now hover over items, and it will display the % that each piece of gear will increase our damage.

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