Farewell Azeroth



9 months ago, we joined the world of murlocs and raid bosses to have some fun, laughs, and meet some awesome new people.

It’s today that we sadly announce the end of our Azeroth adventure, and move onto greener pastures in the gaming universe.

This was a very tough decision to make, but ultimately we no longer have the drive to maintain the branch, and most of us have moved onto other games in the Krypted community now.

Some Memories

Spring 2018

Emerald Nightmare

Summer 2018


Winter 2018


Special Thanks

For some special thanks, I just want to commend Finn for keeping the branch for going at its darkest hour, and the rest of our amazing staff throughout the months.

Also, a thanks to all of the wonderful people who joined us on this adventure.

  • QuickKalam
  • Dartrix
  • Lardmar
  • Whiskeydrunk
  • Parsalian
  • Jarreau
  • Krissppy01
  • Staedler
  • Aldaris Malachi
  • jnkmoua
  • Seacitygamer
  • Chaka
  • cliffder
  • gavin
  • Sapere Audde
  • Celaya
  • Angrymeatball
  • Finn
  • Vikaste
  • Lilfuzzy
  • Wilee
  • Tamnavulin
  • sixsixtrample
  • Milabadelia
  • Plamped
  • Finkwolf
  • Kingrico
  • Demonhunter
  • shybones
  • Flaky Biscotti
  • Zoopydoops
  • Genokiller
  • Huxicus
  • Lumirand
  • Zahren
  • Zaidrel
  • Moobruber
  • Chantouf
  • Reshoty
  • Hexic
  • Wyrmslayer
  • Gmshini
  • Shoozadin
  • zerzu
  • Inquisatrixx
  • Divinecomic
  • Onyse

It was a ton of fun, and quite honestly there are some great memories from this bunch that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

What’s next?

HR will be sending DMs to everybody involved, and we’ll be focusing on retaining some of the awesome people we’ve met in this past 9 months.

The show moves on, and while one door closes, another one opens. We learn from our failures and strengthen our community.

We will retain World of Warcraft as an interest group, you never know what the future may hold.

See you around <3

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