Osiris : New Dawn


Osiris…what is it?

Osiris New Dawn is an Open World Sci-Fi Survival Horror RPG that was released for public consumption in September of 2016. In traditional Helltrek fashion, I was late to the party and only stumbled upon this little gem a two weeks ago after flipping through my 37th auto generated Steam Queue in a late night “I’m exhausted but I refuse to go to bed” struggle. After watching some of the videos Steam had listed, it looked to be a solid foundation of a game that has a lot of potential and it’s always interesting playing a game as it evolves. I thought why not give it a try.

The setup of Osiris is: your spaceship crash lands (way to go dick), leaving you stranded on a strange planet where you have to survive the elements, big scary aliens, collect resources to build a habitat to be safe, weapons to fight with, vehicles to travel, droids to do droid things and SPACESHIPS which will allow you to leave the planet, visit the surrounding planets and build space stations. Basically, it sounds like ARK or Rust but in space with droids… I’m all in.

So what happened?

After creating my little space pirate Helltrek, and a very quick cut scene of your ship crashing, Panic set in within the first 30 seconds. I spent a few seconds just looking around and admiring the Alien world and the wreck, taking in the scenery until my spacesuit starts beeping at me, my breathing is getting heavy, my health is going down… WTF IS HAPPENING AND WHY AM I DYING ALREADY?!?!? In a fury of sensory overload, I noticed there was a mission listed, which was to build an Inflatable Dome. In a mad rush smacking things with my little space hammer I stumble upon the illusive Dome. Health rapidly declining, Oxygen levels at 0%, I am fumbling the keys to figure out what opens my inventory and how in the hell to deploy this thing. BAM found my inventory, deploy the Inflatable Dome… IS THAT ALIEN TRYING TO EAT ME?! Using the assault rifle I found in the wreckage, I frantically spray space bullets at this over sized alien bug and kill it as I try to make it into the dome. Suit is breached, I have no Oxygen, My health is at about 5% and declining, my space pirate is dragging ass as I try to get into this stupid Dome but I finally make it inside. Ahhhh finally some safety.


In a last ditch effort to not die in the first 2 minutes, I noticed Duct Tape is equipped on my person… Lightbulb Duct Tape fixes everything!! A few clicks later, the suit alarm stops, Oxygen levels are on the rise, my health is at 2% but it is no longer on the decline. Duct Tape DOES fix everything… even in space!

This set the pace for my experience so far. It can go from calming to heart pounding in a second. Much like any survival game, a grind from resources comes with the territory. Those random sneak attacks from the creatures within the game keep you on your toes and takes the monotony of the process away. The addition of a personal droid does help in some situations especially with tasks that are not that exciting, anywhere from repairing assets, collecting resources, hauling resources or being a somewhat helpful combat companion (the droid AI does need some work but is on the top of the dev’s list to address). Being able to tell your droid to mine basic resources as you head out to find the more rare materials is a nice feature or instructing the droid repair assets as you expand the Colony is a very welcome addition.



With only about 10 hours in game so far, I know I have barely scratched the surface with the content that is currently available. With an incoming update the end of this month which will improve the visuals with the new Unity 5.5 engine, as well as new content on the horizon, I am eager to see how this train rolls. Make sure to check back on the game’s progress in future additions of this series on Osiris.


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