Friday the 13th: The Basics


My first visit to Crystal Lake

Turning the clocks back about 28 years brings me back to my first Friday the 13th movie, Jason Lives. My young eyes amazed at the pure violence, the nudity, the sex and the amazingly creative ways Jason effortlessly murdered those helpless teenagers. With a lot of my generation, this kicked off a love for the giant unstoppable murdering fiend known as Jason Vorhees. Hearing about the release of a Friday the 13th horror survival game sparked that lost love and wisped me back in time to the night I watched Part 6. Naturally… I bought it off Steam shortly thereafter.


Playing as Jason

After the beautifully done retro VHS intro, in my first match in Friday the 13th, I was blessed with spawning as Jason. Not knowing what to do or how to do it, it still brought a grin to my face to be the man I watched through what has seemed like an endless string of movies. Trotting along the camp looking for some innocence to exterminate was a learning experience, much like any first dive into a new game but I did manage to get two kills which was a very rewarding experience. Now, after some time under my belt I have learned that you get 4 abilities as Jason: Morph, Sense, Shift and Stalk, all with varying timers depending on which Jason you are playing.



Morph gives you the ability to warp to any spot on your map. This allows quick movement to strategic locations to set traps, kill off electricity, or hunt counselors.

Morph Map

Morph Map


Sense will highlight anyone nearby in red, if they are running around you will see their body, if they are inside a building, that structure will be highlighted. Sense gives you a slight edge to know your surroundings and if you are in the right spot or not.





Shift rockets you varying distances to cover ground quickly in your line of sight. This is amazingly helpful for chasing down Chad and his sweater, or to catch up to the car full of teenagers trying to escape.


Stalk is perfect for sneaking up on someone that doesn’t know you are there. It will not alert them with the music queues that normally play when you are nearby until the ability timer runs out.


As you level up in Friday the 13th you will unlock different versions of Jason as well as collecting points to unlock increasingly more brutal ways to maim and dismember those pesky camp counselors. Such as ripping their jaw off, snapping legs off, crushing their skulls with your boot, pushing your dead thumbs through their eye sockets and quite a few more iconic Jason moves.



Playing as a Counselor

If you are not lucky enough to roll Jason, you will be a Camp Counselor. There are various characters from the Friday the 13th movies that you get to play, all with different stats that help diversify your team. Your objective as a cocky teenager counselor is simple… DON’T DIE, or if you are brave and coordinated enough you can actually kill Jason… at least until the next sequel. There are a few different ways to escape the cold dead hands of Jason: Car, Boat or calling the Police which all present their own challenges for you being able to use them.


You will need to search all of the cabins for keys, a battery and gas. There is a two seat and a four seat car for you to rebuild and get people out. Or if your name is Chad and you’re a dick, just yourself.

Friday the 13th Car

Can I get a lift?


You will need to search all of the cabins for a propeller and gas. You can fit two people on the boat to escape or if your name is Chad and you’re a dick, just yourself.

Friday the 13th Boat

Gone Fishing


You will need to find a fuse to replace at the cabin, which is randomly located, that houses the phone. Once the fuse is replaced you can dial up the cops starting a countdown timer. 5 minutes is the default time if the caller doesn’t have a perk to shorten that time frame. When the cops arrive you need to make your way to the exit they are at, there are two so choose carefully, and you are home free (good luck with that).

Killing Jason

There is a way to kill Jason, but that will take solid coordination with your fellow counselors and will be something I will cover in a future article.



Final Thoughts on Friday the 13th The Game

Overall my first and follow up experiences with Friday the 13th: The Game have been great. While there have been some launch issues (what game doesn’t), the small Dev team has been actively working to address them all and have been pretty solid with their communication to the user base via their Twitter and Facebook pages. Small bugs aside, if you love the Friday the 13th Series, or horror survival games I would put this into the “must buy” category.

The slow periods of time as you are creeping through the woods, or shifting through the cabins are sharply contrasted the second that iconic music pops up as Jason is hunting your slow, clumsy ass down. The kill animations had me rolling with laughter, the music had me jumping, and watching other players try to escape while I am in a deathly slumber has already provided me with hours of entertainment. I am highly looking forward to the progress the Dev team makes with this gem, as well as future DLC options!



Outside of myself, one of my favorite streamers to watch play Friday the 13th would have to be HazeUsendaya hands down for PC. Or if you are into console CaptHempBeard. Check the men out, and tell them Helltrek sent you.


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