Roaming in Black Rise


Black Rise is one of the most intense regions in the game and has held its place in my heart for nearly 4 years straight. There are hundreds of active players constantly looking for fights, and the general culture of the region is something completely unique. People are there to fight and have fun, and there are many needles in the haystack you’ll meet along the way.

In a single night, you can,


  • Proximity to Jita
  • Amount of active locals
  • Numerous free-port citadels


  • Escalations can get out of hand
  • There’s always a bigger fish
  • Dropping capitals or using battleships can be dangerous

The amount of content in this region is endless, and everybody should have it under their toolbelt as a great region to go to for content. In this article, we’ll talk about how to navigate Black Rise, and some of the things to look out for.

Location, location, location

When you’re hunting for content in Black Rise, it’s important to plan out the locations you want to head to. There is a ton of activity in the region, and understanding the hot spots will be something that takes quite a bit of time, and a lot of lost ships.

What’s the best tool for this? Dotlan.

By looking at Dotlan, you’ll have the ability to see which systems are currently active. Make sure you filter by how many ships have been killed, and you’ll be able to color code the map by how many pretty explosions are happening every hour.

Example of Black Rise on Dotlan

In the image above, notice how Kedama, Reitsato, and Okkamon are fairly hot (yellow and red). There has been a lot of PvP activity in those areas recently, and it would be worth opening those systems on zKillboard and checking what’s going on. By checking zKillboard, you’re able to see the size of the gangs, what ships, and who they are. This will give you a good idea if they’re in your engagement profile or not.

This also helps you watch out for gatecamps. Check Tama for a great example of somewhere not to go.

What ships should I bring?

If you’re a small gang, you’ll find content with pretty much anything you bring.

Some examples of our successful gangs are,

  • Frigates | Targetting similarly sized gangs, lone battlecruisers, or getting involved in a large engagement and killing other tackle
  • Cruisers | Setting up a gatecamp and chilling out in somewhere like Hikkoken, engaging small battleship gangs, supporting capital drops
  • Battleships | Fighting the world in a small gang until we get dropped on

As a lone pilot, you can find a ton of frigate fights, and even fight the frigate menace in a lone battlecruiser or battleship. Keep in mind, you’ll be able to take on blobs of small gangs, and we’ve had our ass handed to us by a battlecruiser who chewed through our 10 frigates.

Some great resources are,

The locals are also a great resource, everybody is there to PvP and I’ve gotten a ton of great advice by just chatting in local.

Honor Among Thieves

Black Rise has always been an awesome region for content, and mostly due to the amazing group of small gangs and solo pilots supporting it. When I was a fresh capsuleer, most of the time I was immediately rewarded with ISK or a ship once they realized I was hopelessly clueless. After they killed me, of course.

Literally yesterday we got counter-blobbed, and had one our ships replaced by a kind member of the bigger fish.

It’s important to realize that this is a fairly kick-ass region with a culture of its own, and it’s very easy to build a reputation here. Give good fights, and more good fights will come.


  • Procurers are always bait.
  • Don’t go through Tama unless you know what you’re doing.
  • Do not gate around in a pod, you’ll get smart-bombed.
  • Kinakka is a common place for battleships, expect to fight bigger toys.
  • The closer you are to Tama, the higher the risk of a large escalation.
  • Hikkoken and Nennamilia are great spots for small gang content, you can even fine lone carriers.
  • Small gangs of T1 frigates can do serious damage, for cheap.

Got some tips? Comment below and they’ll be added.

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