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In terms of passive income in Eve Online, you won’t find many more lucrative opportunities than planetary interaction.  Although it does take some effort to set up, it can easily make enough to purchase a PLEX each month.

Planetary Interaction (PI) uses resources gathered from planets to create materials which can be used to build numerous items within the Eve Online universe, from paste that repairs overheated guns to the massive new citadels.

The best PI is available in null security and wormhole space, although you can do it to a lesser extent in high and low security as well.  In this guide, I’ll be going over the set up that I use in null security space, across 7 characters.  I’m producing all the components to build fuel blocks, all you need to add is ice, and if you want to know how to get ice, check out Bear’s guide here.  I’m pretty lazy when it comes to PI, so I only really update and harvest my planets once per week.


Command Center Upgrades IV (Gives you enough power in the center to support this setup)

Planetology I (You can get this higher if you prefer for more accurate scanning of resources)

Interplanetary Consolidation IV (Each level increases the number of planets you can have, this gives me 5 planets)

Remote Sensing (This allows you to access planets from a distance, so you don’t have to sit in hostile space while you set it up)

These are the base skills you will need, but to make Robotics or higher tier parts I’d recommend taking Command Center Upgrades to V.

Setting up

Helpful Resources:

To start with, you need to decide what you want to make.  I find these sites useful for this; (Not as user friendly, but will show you what is profitable and what materials you need to build it)

The next thing is to find the planets you want to build on, you can do this in game or on Dotlan (

I’m using the below planets with 7 characters in 0.0 space and currently make 1-2 billion ISK per month selling to our corp buyback program.

  • Barren – Build Mechanical Parts & use as factories to build Robotics
  • Lava – Build Consumer Electronics
  • Storm – Build Coolant & Oxygen
  • Plasma – Enriched Uranium

The following table shows what resources you need for each material;

Mechanical Parts Reactive Metals Precious Metals
Enriched Uranium Precious Metals Toxic Metals
Consumer Electronics Toxic Metals Chiral Structures
Coolant Electrolytes Water
Oxygen Noble Gas

Setting up your planets

There are unlimited ways of setting up your planets and tons of guides on Google or Youtube, but I’ll focus on explaining how mine is done.

The materials need to be routed as follows;

Extractor Control Unit → Storage Facility → Basic Industry Facilities → Advanced Industry Facilities → Launchpad

You need to use the 2 Extractors to get 2 resources, so in my example of making Mechanical Parts, I’ll be extracting Base Metals & Noble Metals.  So, 1 extractor gets 1 material, the other extractor gets the other material.

These then route into the storage facility and then get split into the 4 Basic Industry Facilities.

These then route into the Advanced Industry Facilities to make the Mechanical Parts, which then finally route into the Launchpad.

Advanced Materials

If you want to take it even further, once you have collected your materials from your planets, you can take to a different (Factory) planet.  I use Mechanical Parts & Consumer Electronics to make Robotics on a factory planet.  You have to use a Barren Planet for this, as they support the High-Tech Industry Facilities that we need to use.  Below is my setup, all the orange circles are High-Tech Industry Facilities.

You need Command Center Upgrades at level V for this.  You have to upgrade the Command Center to its maximum level.

The Mechanical Parts and Consumer Electronics are placed into the Customs Office (POCO) and then sent to the Launchpads. They are then routed to all of the Industry Facilities, and from there to the Storage Facility.

Once the Storage Facilities are full, you need to do an Expedited Transfer back to the launchpads and then profit! This setup will last around 24 hours if you fill it completely with the input materials.

If you wanted it to last longer before having to empty it, you would need to reduce the industry facilities and increase the storage facilities.  You’d also have to play with the routing.  But that’s all on you!


PI is great for players with multiple accounts, and adds an extra income source if you are skillpoint farming. If your PI farm gets a bit large, feel free to expand to better products.


Whilst PI is tedious to set up and may give you repetitive strain from all the clicking, you only need to do that once and then it’s making you ISK while you sleep, rat, PVP or whatever.  With decent planets and the right set up, it’s the best passive income apart from AFK ratting!

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