Mining Operations


There are many types of operations in Krypted Gaming, and they all have their purpose. Usually on Sundays, we will get together and do a mining operation, as it helps us chill and chat with eachother after a long week. Mining operations are one of the most important things for corporate industry, as they allow us to provide materials to our industrialists, which is how we get all these ships that we’re constantly exploding.

This guide will serve as a primer for members in our corporation that have not yet had a mining operation. This is exactly how we run them in corporation, and by reading this, you’ll be ready for Sunday mining in Krypted.



There are different types of mining operations, depending on what corporation currently needs the most. If we have been purchasing a ton of PI materials on buyback, we will most likely be pushing ice mining operations to get isotopes. On the other hand, if we’re fairly low on ship hulls, we will be hitting ore in our home system.


For ice operations, the typical target will be Pristine White Glaze.


For ore operations, we will usually target Spodumain, followed by Gneiss.



To maximize the speed at which we mine (since typically we don’t enjoy mining), there are specific roles for each mining operation. These help us keep everything running smoothly for everybody, making this task as painless as possible.

  • Booster – This is usually the foreman of the operation, and boosts everybody so that they can have the maximum yield. They also will handle the cans, and ensure that the haulers can pull from a single can.
  • Miner – One of the 30 drones that the foreman manages, these boys shoot the rocks and fall asleep.
  • Hauler – These guys are normally in a Miasmos, and haul the ore from the belt to the station.

In general, we usually need only one booster, and 2-3 haulers.

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