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Out of many of the careers in EVE Online, mining is by far the most well known. Sadly, it is also the most misunderstood. Mining is one of the most scalable activities in EVE Online, and in my opinion, the worst career for a new player to choose within their first week.


After maintaining my mining army for years, I’ve found that there are many other lucrative methods for new players make ISK, such as faction warfare or exploration. Or try gas harvesting!

In this article, I will give an overview of the different types of mining, what tools you will need to get the job done, and my algorithm for scaling my production as efficiently as possible.


There are many different flavors of mining, all of which lead to a different branch of industry. Before I begin, I will tell you that ice harvesting is the most lucrative mining method. If you are interested in pure ISK, definitely focus on gas or ice harvesting.

Keep in mind, you can mine whatever makes you happy! If you enjoy getting ore and building things, DO THAT. Fun per hour > ISK per hour.

Ore Mining

The process of mining ore from asteroid belts or asteroid anomalies. I would highly suggest that you only ore harvest if you’re looking to do production, or have the skills to use mining crystals.

Ice Harvesting

The process of harvesting ice from belts, which respawn every 4 hours once depleted. Ice harvesting becomes very lucrative in null security space, especially once you gain access to Krystallos. Ice is used for fuel block production, jump drive activations, and fueling industry cores.

Gas Harvesting

The process of harvesting gas from gas clouds, used for drug production. We have a guide on gas harvesting here. If you are a new player, gas harvesting is the most lucrative opportunity for you in this space.


There are many different skills for mining, and I would highly suggest that you have a seperate account or character for this. This will be a simple listing for skills, not a skill plan. Prospective miners:  I would highly suggest that you check out gas harvesting first OR train a barge and then train to use an Ice Harvester II.




Mining Barge
Mining Upgrades

Veldspar Processing
Scordite Processing
Reprocessing Efficiency
Pyroxeres Processing
Plagioclase Processing
Omber Processing
Spodumain Processing
Kernite Processing
Jaspet Processing
Ice Harvesting
Hemorphite Processing
Hedbergite Processing
Gneiss Processing
Dark Ochre Processing
Crokite Processing
Bistot Processing
Arkonor Processing


Ice Harvesting

That’s it!

Example - Ice Barge Skillplan

Mining IV
Astrogeology I
Astrogeology II
Astrogeology III
Industry II
Industry III
Industry IV
Industry V
Mining Frigate II
Mining Frigate III
Mining Barge I
Mining Upgrades I
Mining Upgrades II
Mining Upgrades III
Mining Upgrades IV
Ice Harvesting I
Ice Harvesting II
Ice Harvesting III
Ice Harvesting IV
Ice Harvesting V
Drones II
Drones III
Light Drone Operation I


For gas harvesting skills, please refer to our gas harvesting guide.


While many people will tell you to go ahead and start mining in belts with a Venture, I would advise you to stay away from ore or ice harvesting until you can fly a mining barge. Many players have quit the game after attempting to make a fortune shooting space rocks in their ventures, and I would rather you not go through that pain. If you are looking to use a venture, once again, please try out gas harvesting!

Entry Level

These are the barges that you will want to get started with. For large operations, such as multi-boxing, I would suggest using these ships until you are very comfortable with your area. Be sure to insure these ships.


This mining barge is focused on having a large amount of tank, which prevents ganks at the cost of reduced mining speed and capacity. This is the best ship to start out with, as you will be nearly immune to ganks in high security space. In null security space, this is your best bet for solo or small gang mining.


This mining barge is focused on having a large ore capacity, which prevents station trips at the cost of reduced mining speed and capacity. If you are comfortable with mining and are looking to increase the intervals between station trips, this is the best barge for you.


This mining barge is completely focused on the obtaining the best mining speed possible. Do not use this unless you know what you are doing, and are very comfortable with the area. A single Catalyst destroyer can kill you in high security space before Concord can save you.


Personally, I do not use exhumers for my mining operations, but I know many people that do. If you are in high security space, these will allow you to increase your income at a higher investment cost. In null security space, unless you are extremely comfortable with your skills, these will generally cost more than they are worth.


The big daddy version of the Procurer. This offers a massive tank, and generally if you have a fleet on standby, you can survive in most cases. Like the procurer, I would use this for solo and small gang mining.


This juiced up retriever offers better performance, and a much large ore capacity. This is for those people who want to watch movies while they are mining.


These bad boys eat up ore at a ridiculous rate, although they cost significantly more than their T1 counterpart. Out of all of these exhumers, this one would make the most sense to use.


Boosting is the most important piece of the mining puzzle. The most basic mining setup is two barges with a single booster, which drastically increases your income. Although some people just start up their booster and leave them running, use it as a hauler. They have large ore capacities, and can easily return to the belt before the 2 minute boost runs out.


This is the most cost effective booster, and I use it for my mining setup. As the most nimble and cost-efficient industrial command ship, the Porpoise can give you a 30-40% boost, which is nearly that of an Orca. Personally, I fit my Porpoise with remote repairers and a cyno, to ensure that my mining operation can provide PvP content.


The Orca provides a larger bonus to boosting, and a significantly larger ore hold. Do not expect to move this bad boy around, as it warps extremely slow. Remember to insure it.


This is the capital industrial ship, which allows you to easily make 100-200m/hr with excavator drones. If you are looking to use a Rorqual, talk to your alliance first.

Fitting your ship



Strip Miner I – The most basic ore harvesting module.

Modulated Strip Miner II – A better strip miner if you have crystals loaded. Otherwise, DO NOT USE IT.

Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II – Specialized strip miner for Mercoxit, a more lucrative nullsec ore.

Mining Laser Upgrade II – A bonus to your mining lasers, be sure to use this.

Survey Scanner – If you waste a mid-slot on this, I will personally blow up your barge.


Ice Harvester I/II – The standard harvester for ice. Ensure you get the T2 version ASAP.

Ice Harvester Upgrade I/II – A bonus to your ice harvesting lasers.

Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I/II – A rig that provides a bonus to ice harvesting.


Medium Shield Extender I/II – Passive bonus to shield HP.

Adaptive Invulnerability Field I/II – Active bonus to all shield resistances.

{Resistance type} Field – Active bonus to shield resistances.

{Resistance type} Amplifier – Passive bonus to shield resistances.

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I/II – Passive bonus to shield HP.

Medium {Resistance type} Screen Reinforcer – Passive bonus to shield resistances.

You can also use bulkheads and other methods of tanking, but that is something I won’t touch on in this guide, as it is not standard unless you are looking to kill players.

Example - Ice Harvesting Procurer

Note, this procurer is tanked for Gurista rats. Notice how my tank is geared against their primary damage, and my drone type is the one that deals the most damage to them.

[Procurer, Ice Harvester I]

Ice Harvester Upgrade I
Ice Harvester Upgrade I

Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
Limited Kinetic Deflection Field I
Limited Thermal Dissipation Field I
Limited Kinetic Deflection Field I

Ice Harvester I
Ice Harvester I

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Hornet I x5


Tanking your barge is the most important part of null security mining, as your local rats will tear you apart otherwise. Below is a popular resistance chart, found at this reddit post.

As you can see, for rats like guristas, your main tank will be against kinetic and thermal. Therefore, you would want to fit Kinetic Deflection Fields, and possibly a Thermal Dissipation Field.

Staying alive

Here are some tips for staying alive,

  1. Use NEAR, which notifies you when enemies show up in your intel channels.
  2. Do not mine directly at the asteroid belt warp in, set up 20-30 km (or more) away from it.
  3. When an enemy is in a nearby system, begin to align out.
  4. Kill pirate frigates (rats) first, they scram!
  5. Follow your alliances’ best practices for staying safe. If you’re not in a corporation, JOIN ONE.
  6. Maintain a 150k-300k ping above the mining location. (Suggested by Laserchicken)

Transporting your product

Moving your ore and ice products around in a barge don’t really make sense, and there are much better tools for the job. The most efficient ore hauler is the Miasmos, as it only requires Gallente Industrial I.

Ore Hauler

[Miasmos, Miasmos]

Inertial Stabilizers I
Inertial Stabilizers I
Inertial Stabilizers I
Inertial Stabilizers I

Medium Shield Extender I
Medium Shield Extender I
Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
Adaptive Invulnerability Field I

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Medium Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I



Mining is the most scalable career in EVE Online. With my miner army, I can easily earn around 1B/hr without putting more than 250 million isk on grid. Many people think that having a ton of mining characters makes you a slave to PLEX, but that is not true. The key to alternate characters in EVE Online is skill extractors.

Once you have a complete mining character, it doesn’t need to train skills further! With a 3 month investment, you can be at full production for ore mining and ice harvesting. Therefore, you can easily pay for most of your character by training and extracting the skills every month. Sometimes it’s even profitable.


This is by far the longest guide I have written, and it’s because the subject matter is much more complex than people think. To mine effectively, you must be comfortable with your location and your process. To become an industrial mogul, you need a process that is repeatable and scaleable, otherwise you will be stuck making significantly less than the people flying next to you.

Best of luck!

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    In the last sentence, I think k you mean mogul. Mogel is a tycoon, mongrel is a stray dog

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    I’m a new EVE player and have a couple questions for mining, hope you can answer and are still active on this website.

    1. The gas harvesting guide doesn’t exist anymore – is there an updated version?
    2. Is there a way you could upload a 3 month skill training plan? You said “With a 3 month investment, you can be at full production for ore mining and ice harvesting.” would be nice to get that one 🙂
    3. Is it still the best choice for a new Omega player to go for Ice mining? I can fly a procurer.

    Thanks in advance

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