Introduction to EVE Online


EVE Online is one of the most well-known games in the MMO genre, mostly due to the intense battles and other stories. Something that many people don’t understand is that EVE Online is a game of people, their interactions, and their storiesThis is something you’ll never get from any other game on the market, and it’s a game that everybody should try at least once.

The Top Layer

What is EVE Online?

I would literally be crucified if I didn’t link you this video.

This is obviously pretty exaggerated, it’s a trailer. The point to take away is that EVE Online has a lot to offer, and it’s pretty much up to you, your group, and your imagination.

The Learning Curve

If you’ve looked into EVE Online before, you’ve probably seen the following image:

The EVE Online learning curve is something well known by most PC gamers, but it honestly isn’t as bad as exaggerated. Why? Because these days, there are veterans to help you along the way. When I started the game many years ago, I was immediately picked up by a group of veteran pirates. They taught me the ropes, showed me how to destroy other players, and ensured that I had an awesome start to this wonderful game. It’s probably the only reason I stuck with it.

The Community

These days, you don’t see community discussed much when it comes to video games, but it is honestly one of the most important aspects of the game. EVE Online is the most unique community you’ll ever meet, made up of many older players and professionals. Have you seen our player authentication? That’s the standard for groups in EVE Online. 

Going Deeper

What do you do in EVE Online?

In some games, you kill bosses and collect loot. In EVE Online, here’s what you can do,

Bitter veterans usually have a pessimistic view if you talk to them about things like this, but the reality is that a large number of players have been tainted by caring about what is efficient, not what is fun. This is a recipe for disaster, and can truly kill this game for you. To continue in EVE Online, it’s important to try things even if they aren’t efficient. Otherwise, you’ll end up on the other end of the spectrum, where older players burn out and get tired of the game.

For a little more about certain things in EVE Online, our community has many articles,

Seriously, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have been playing this game for over 5 years and still find new things to do.

What can you do beyond the in-game activities?

EVE Online is a game that can go well beyond the keyboard. Groups in EVE Online are advanced entities, with structure in and outside of the game. You can act as a recruiter and seek out new members to join your corporation, command fleets to achieve goals, or build a piece of software that is used across the game by tons of people.

If you’re feeling naughty, you can make your efforts malicious. You can spy on groups, reporting their location or important intel to other entities. You can steal from groups, scam others, and even tear down an entire corporation from the inside.

What does the actual gameplay look like?

Here’s a video of us destroying part of a moon, and mining it.

Here’s us destroying an enemy battleship fleet, after dropping capital ships on them.

There was actually some serious depth that went into this because you can’t just do this without being punished by other groups. We had to ensure that this group wasn’t a threat to us, otherwise we could have been counterdropped and decimated.

Should you play it?

Why the hell not, it’s free. Try it out.

Getting Started

Creating your Account

So, this is always the hard part for a lot of people, and the most important part to get right.

A few notes before we start,

  • A lot of people want to subscribe their account for free, don’t chase this dream. Enjoy the game.
  • Your number one priority should be joining a group.
  • Focus on new player activities, everything has an entry level.

Now, let’s actual get you into the EVE universe.

  1. Create an account. Feel free to use this link for a bonus to your character, and it helps us out as well.
  2. Create your character. Choose the race and stuff that looks cool to you, don’t worry about what is efficient or better.
  3. Complete the tutorial. The EVE Online tutorial has come a long way now, and it is a fair introduction into the game.

Now what?

Finding a Group

Remember how we said that you need to join a group? Well, you that’s your next step.

If you’re already in the Krypted community, you already know what to do.

If you’re just a casual reader of our website, we recommend you apply to EVE University, Pandemic Horde, or KarmafleetStay away from random people trying to get you to join their corporation, they don’t have the resources to support new players properly. Hell, our group doesn’t really either.

Remember, EVE Online groups are more serious than your average guild. Make sure you conduct yourself well, be honest, and be eager. If I can get spy characters into all of these groups, you can get in as well.

Finding some Fun

Now that you’ve thrown your application off to your future home, start playing the game and trying new things. EVE Online has an agency window now, which is a wonderful curation of all of your local activities. Start exploring what the game has to offer, and ask people questions if you get stuck.

Additional Help

ASK YOUR GROUP! They are there to help you.

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