Fleet Commander Log #4


It’s been quite some time since our last commander log, so we decided to drop one this month! Krypted Gaming has gone through some major shifts over the past few months, nearly doubling our EVE online playerbase. With this growth, comes a lot of learning, and we’re practically back to square one again with training.

If you’ve never read one of our commander logs, they typically contain,

  • Some interesting fights/AARs
  • Ships we’ve been flying
  • What we’re doing in the future

With this log, we’ll be mainly chatting about some of the skills we’ll be working on teaching our pilots so that we can transition more smoothly into microgang.

What have we been doing?

Krypted Gaming has mostly spent our time on deployment, since our coalition is currently war with DRF. Thus, roams have been pretty thin, and most of our content has been home defense in Fade or wherever a fun wormhole will lead.

In that time, we’ve blobbed the kiting menace, and had some alliance fun against a goon dread bomb.

This month, we’ve really realized that our comfort level has grown a little too much with sucking up ISK, and need to start teaching the basics of kiting, manual piloting, and more.

What have we been flying?

We have pretty much been exclusively flying mixed cruisers or kitchen sink, with the exclusion of Caracals for home defense. Sorry, it’s been pretty boring over the last couple of months.

We still take out some of the typical doctrines from our previous logs, check those out,

We’re really looking at spicing up our ship catalog, so that we can teach our members what it means to brawl vs kiting, and how to abuse electronic warfare.

What are we doing next?

This is the big one, we’ve got a lot of plans down the pipeline. Essentially, our end goal is to raise competent pilots who understand the difference between a multitude of ships and situations. We’re not a big hivemind collective, so we really need skilled pilots who can think on their own, and help project our 15 man gangs to fight 50 man gangs.

Thus, we’ll be working on developing the following skills,



This is going to be key when we want to mess around with a huge horde gang, since their kitchen sinks are constantly up to 20-30 pilots. We need our pilots to know how to kite effectively and escape when needed.

We’ll be starting off with our traditional frigate gang, Tristans. These are some pretty powerful buggers, even with the recent nerf. We’re going to be running damps on the mainline to teach our pilots how to disrupt enemy engagement range and truly start to understand what it means to stay out of optimal.


[Tristan, Kite]

AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier
Damage Control II

5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Kapteyn Compact Sensor Dampener
Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I


These are some wonderfully cheap ships, and will be very effective in dealing with the rapid light menace. 5 of these can knock down the targeting range of an Orthrus to ~12km. Or force a lock time of 30 seconds!



Understanding the damage of your fleet is extremely important. The best way to make players understand why you need to focus the same target is to have an alpha doctrine. Everybody shot the target? Awesome, it’s dead. Somebody is sleeping? Well, now we see what happens.

We’ll be starting with the Thrasher, and eventually moving up to the cruiser level, and possibly faction cruisers.



Despite what people say, tackling is one of the hardest roles in the game. A lot of the time, new players are dumped into tackle roles to get a critical mass of atrons swarming a small gang. But, our resources are limited, so we need talented pilots who understand transversal and how to survive.

We’ll be attacking this problem through roaming in brawly ships and interceptor gangs, working on locking down targets and coming out on top.

Keep an eye out!

Fall is going to be awesome in Krypted Gaming. We’ve got a lot more content creators, and a bunch of clean slates to build upon. We’re looking forward to learning with our members, and having some fun.

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