Deployment to Delve


As Spring starts to wrap up and summer is nearly upon us, it’s time for our community to get our hands dirty with some combat. In EVE Online, Summer is always an extremely rough season for most corporations and alliances. People start going outside more, and the player base typically has a massive decline. To combat this pattern, we’re going to be mixing things up in the Krypted family, and having our own adventure. As of April 9th, we have completely deployed to Delve, to have some fun swatting bees.

The Idea

Goonswarm is an extremely large entity, and it’s nearly impossible to keep all of those bees buzzing around safely. Some stray too far from the hive, and others just need a little bit of natural selection. We have been taking small gangs to Delve for a short time, and noticed that with a full deployment, we’ll really be able to do some damage.

Utilizing stealth bombers and command destroyers, we will be hitting their Rorqual population hard by exterminating as many drones as we can. We will also be punishing all of the ratters that have become a little too comfortable.

By being a few jumps away for content, we’ll also be able to take out microgangs much more effectively.

The Execution

In only a couple days, we’ve already done some serious damage with over 15 billion ISK killed from our corporate operations.

Bee | Excavators | Drop | Like | Flies

We have been expanding our operations to ganking ratters, as well. It’s pretty much open season over here in Krypted Gaming.

Carriers don’t stop us!
And the ratters aren’t safe either!

Motivation: Bee Control

Bee Control is an operation that is primarily led by Riotrick, focused on destroying goon assets for ISK. It’s a true bounty hunting program, and with every excavator you send to the graveyard, you receive 100 million ISK. Needless to say, we’ve already made a few billions in the first couple of days of our operation.

Moving Forward

We have some huge plans for our operations in Delve, and we’re having a ton of fun so far. Our goal is to specialize our player base with these sort of operations, and get extremely skilled at hunting and decimating targets. This is just the first step, we’re looking forward to what happens over the next few months.

Even if we fail in the end, it’ll be a great learning experience for our pilots.

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