Wrapping up 2018


Hi guys!

It’s been a little bit since our last article, but we’ve been hard at work in the background migrating servers, doing some Christmas community cleaning, and sending out Christmas ornaments!

In this post, I would like to cover the few things we have left in 2018, as well as just ramble about some things.

Christmas Ornaments

Graptharr has just sent the last of the Krypted Christmas Ornaments to 10 members of the community, and hopefully I will be getting my glitter bomb in the mail fairly soon.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s what you missed out on!

Christmas ornaments

Christmas Giveaways

We have one more member purge to wrap up the year, and then we’ll be choosing 5 lucky members for some sweet Christmas gifts. 

It’ll be dealer’s choice between a shirt, a mug, or a game. 

Christmas Cleaning

Over the break I’ll be doing a ton of cleaning up to make sure we have an even better start in 2019.

  • Cleaning up old forum guides, posts, and policies
  • Cleaning up all Krypted guide and articles
  • Deleting numerous legacy articles that no longer apply
  • Reworking this particular site, cleaning up the menu and giving it more purpose
  • Cleaning up all advertisement websites (Rust, Warcraft, EVE)
  • Reworking all recruitment assets to reflect current branch goals and direction
  • Massive authentication database cleanup, we have migrated to a new server and have a lot of legacy clean-up to do


What’s a blog post without some rambling reflections? This year has been pretty crazy for our community, we’ve seen some massive steps forward and massive steps back.

One of the major mistakes we made this year was expanding too fast. Three branches were launched this year, which put extreme stress on the leadership and staff of the community. Personally, I know that I was spread extremely thin and unable to give branches like EVE Online the attention they needed, and now we’re paying for it. 

Despite this mistake, we fixed it through delegation. Last year we started off with only a few staff members, and this year we peaked around 20. Due this change in mindset, we’ve been able to scale much easier and keep the stress away.

Overall, this was a good lesson to learn, and I believe our community is much stronger because of it. We are recovering well, and 2019 we are going to be able to focus on stable, sustained growth. Also, compared to the start of 2018, we’ll be going into the new year with three fairly stable, albeit small, branches. 

Another thing that we had to learn the hard way this year was branch direction. We have seen a lot of direction shifts in all three of our branches, which ultimately means that we were lacking proper administration and visionaries. This is one of those things that we are learning as we go, and it’s definitely a unique challenge. 

This has definitely been a hard year at the leadership level, but I am fairly happy with where we are at, and I believe we have an awesome foundation to build on in 2019. Thanks for being apart of this wonderful community and growing with us.

See you next year!

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