Our first week in Rust


Rust is an age-old survival multiplayer game, and one of this year’s newest gaming branches for Krypted Gaming. Last week we announced our arrival in Rust, and what we hoped to achieve as a community. This week has been a blast, and we’re looking forward to many wipe cycles to come!

In just our first week,

  • We have grown our Rust branch to 25 active members.
  • Build numerous bases, which were knocked right back down! (see below)
  • Won several firefights and got some tasty loot (see below)
  • Made some awesome branding moves, including infographics and a personalized branch webpage

Below is a little walkthrough of our first week in detail, hope you enjoy!

The New Kids in Town

We started our adventure on Rusty Moose | Medium, where we had our longest run and a lot of fun learning the ropes to the game. Many of our players were new to the game, with the exception of some Rust veterans.

Most of our time was spent as sailors, running around the seas gathering barrels and finding blueprints. We built a sweet beach base, which ended up being next to some very sizeable clans.

Some of our boating adventures

Multiple boats in Rust

Multi-boat adventure, heading to the Sewer Branch

The Ice Seals

Rust crossbows pointing at Boat Driver

When you’re angry at the driver

Group Photo

Rust clan base

Our first base! Raided shortly after this photo 🙂

Risin’ up

We’re pretty much the equivalent to Rust cockroaches, since we literally just kept getting right back up after a major raid, sometimes multiple times per day. We started to learn a bit more about base building, and how to make it more difficult to be raided.

We swapped to Reddit.com/r/PlayRust – US (which is honestly quite a horrible server, bad admins), and started building things that made a little more sense, and kept iteratively improving as we were raided.

Also, we started winning some firefights!

Epic Loot

Now that we’re set on blueprints for the next wipe, we’re looking forward to the next bi-weekly sprint and hopefully will learn enough to prepare for an official server again. We have a lot of new base designs that we’re going to try out, and hopefully this wipe we’ll have a much smoother ride.

Moving Forward

Over the next two weeks, we’re looking at getting our footing on the Reddit server, and hopefully improving enough to move to more official servers like Rustafied and Rusty Moose. We’re already getting tons of interest from the Rust community, and are very swiftly growing.

For members of the Krypted Rust community, check out our weekly summary!

For the rest of you, check us out!


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    rok Reply
    Jul 18, 2018 @ 21:58 pm

    Oh yeah! So glad to be part of this community! Everyone is super cool!

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