Krypted Update #6


Welcome back to another Krypted Update for July 2017!

July was a pretty action-packed month for our corporation, and we have had a ton of changes roll out since August. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had the time to sit down and write up an article, let alone breathe!


New Authentication

This month, we worked hard on getting a reskinned authentication system for our corporation, as well as a beautiful forum that would encourage our community to interact with eachother even more.

We are quite pleased with the outcome, check it out here!

For the first time ever, we finally have those sweet, sweet SSL padlocks on!

Featured by EVE Online

Something quite amazing happened this month, as we were featured in the EVE Online Newsletter for our Exploration Guide. I woke up to a text message telling me we had a huge traffic spike, and it was a mystery until a kind newbro popped into our Discord to tell us.

Picture of our traffic spike.

Check out that newsletter here.


In July, we’ve seen some pretty massive growth to our corporation, processing¬†14 applications¬†applications to our community. Krypted Lite has grown to roughly 40 members, while Krypted Gaming has stood at a steady 80-90. At the peak of this month, Krypted Gaming had 36 active players on zKillboard, which is absolutely insane for a corporation of our size.

Our current timezone statistics over the past several months.

Our timezones in Krypted Gaming are finally stabilizing, and our US TZ has finally matched up with our European brethren. The corporation comfort rating was 4.7/5.0, which is the highest it has ever been. We have seen a slight dip in daily active players, with a lot of members taking vacations over the summer. 70% of our player base is active daily.

A lot less ratters, as well! Much more pewpewing!


This month, we killed 989 ships, adding up to a total of 148.33 billion ISK. That’s roughly $1850 freedom dollars!

This month, for the first time ever, 100% of our members were satisfied with the number of PvP fleets.

Achievement unlocked : #1 in alliance participation during the TEST vs GOTG war!


Upcoming Month

In the upcoming month(s), we will be putting a heavy emphasis on building the industrial side of Krypted Gaming. We have already set some interesting capital goals, and we are currently 40.3% through our first milestone.

Expect to see,

  • Frequent mining operations
  • Interesting PvP content (more expensive ships!)
  • More wormhole diving

The Krypted train is moving full speed ahead, and we’re in an extremely good spot right now.

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