Krypted Update #3


Hello, and welcome back to another update on Krypted Gaming! This article will display some of the statistics of our community, as well as a recap for the previous month, and a sneak peak for May.


The previous month was excellent for Krypted Gaming, as we had extremely high PvP activity, and even received praise for being one of the top in alliance fleet participation. For the first time ever, we have maintained 30 active PvP members throughout the entire month, and had a very effective recruitment push.

As of May, 81.1% of our members are focused on Combat, while 19% are focused on Industry. Our timezones are fairly nice, with 42.9% based in EU TZ, while 38.1% are based in US TZ. 19% are a mixture of both. 66.7% of our members are active daily.

Our member comfort rating is 4.67/5.00, a 4% increase from the previous month.


We have had decent improvements in the department system, and our player base agrees. Previously 41.7% of members thought that the Combat department needed work, and we have brought that number down to 33.3%. 41.7% of our members thought that the logistics department needed work, and we’ve brought that down to 23.8%.

Our FC approval rating has decreased, but we will be scrapping these numbers due to the reform of the FC program.

90.5% of our playerbase believes that “community” is the best description of our corporate identity.


  • 83% of our members are satisfied with the number of PvP fleets.
  • 91% of our members are satisfied with the number of Meetings.
  • 78% of our members are satisfied with the number of Active Players.

We will be heavily pushing to establish an industrial structure in the upcoming month, to make sure our industry nuts are enjoying their time in our community.


This month, we will be re-evaluating our player base, ensuring that our members fit our activity levels and culture. There has been a large discussion about activity in Krypted Gaming, and we are focused on ensuring that our entire community is active and contributing to our corporation.

As for recruitment, we have brought in 12 members in the past month, while losing 8.

We are very satisfied with the combat side of Krypted Gaming, and are constantly aiming for the #1 spot in alliance activity.

With more structured schedules, leadership will be able to focus on the weak areas of our corporation, such as Industry.

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    QQ Reply
    May 8, 2017 @ 7:24 am

    Hello. I noticed you guys running around Providence the other day whilst I was skipping about in a venture, and thought I would stop by. One point of interest. You talk a lot about creating a “culture,” and here you discussing “re-evaluating” members to make sure they fit in. I am not sure I really understand the exact sort of group you are trying to cultivate here. This “see other members like family” thing seems a bit much for a corporation. Do you think you are trying to force or manufacture friendships?

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      BearThatCares Reply
      May 8, 2017 @ 21:47 pm

      Some people join nullsec corporations to just sit up and rat, and not communicate/play with their corporation. If somehow they slip past recruitment (can’t completely learn a person in a 15 minute interview) then they don’t really fit in here. We’re a community, and want dudes that chat with us throughout the day and play other games with us. Our core members are very active throughout the day on Discord, and play with the group.

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