Krypted Report #1


This report contains an analysis of our entire community, as well as an update on the health of our branches. We go in depth on the information we have been collecting for the first half of the year, and talk about some of the larger movements occuring within our community.


This document is a monster, so prepare a cup of tea!

Here is the document outline,

  • Community Address
  • Community Statistics
    • Demographical information
    • Branch health
  • Community Branches
    • EVE Online
    • World of Warcraft
    • Rust
    • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Final notes

Let’s get started!

Community Address

Rather than just have a 5 minute meeting of me talking, I decided it’d be best to outline everything here. 


From a leadership perspective, we have been working on expanding Krypted Gaming to new areas, and experimenting with different branch structures.

The goal of this is to bring more like-minded players into our community. Currently, 40% of our members are involved in more than one branch, meaning that we’re able to grow our community just by adding new branches to experience.

Personally, it’s a breath of fresh air trying out some of these other games, and it’s important to note that we are building a community, not just a clan for a specific branch. Each branch alone maintains that tight-knit feel, and you get to build friendships with people as you try out new games.

Web 3.0

I have been overhauling a lot of our web services, mostly our blog and outreach sites. This is sort of an effort to provide high quality materials for every branch, making recruitment and outreach a lot easier.

All branches will have a branch website, like this one.

They’ll be made to advertise our branches, as well as walk people through our complicated application process.

I have also been rebuilding the entire backend model schema for Krypted Authentication, because we have a lot of technical debt. Moving forward, you guys won’t really see any major changes because I will be migrating things in the background!


I am sure that we can all agree that Krypted has some amazing services on the web, but the reality is that these things cost money. Due to this, we have been experimenting for the past 2 years to find out what some decent income streams are.

The goal is to be non-intrusive, because I think that reaching out for money is pretty tacky.

The best way to approach this seems to be affiliate links for things like PLEX, video games, and more. We are most likely going to target GreenManGaming and MarkeeDragon for our income since they provide things that we buy on a weekly basis.

The largest income source will always be Patreon, and we’re looking into ways to provide things like Krypted email addresses. Merchandise is also something that I have been extremely lazy with, sorry!


Community Statistics

These are statistics gathered throughout the year via our surveys.


From our most recent survey, we gathered a ton of information about our community. We asked questions to probe our branch health, demographics, and more.

We were surprised to see that we had a 50/50 split between veteran and new members, and 53.4% of our community is over the age of 30.


Age Breakdown

18-20 6.7%
21-30 40%
30-40 36.7%
40+ 16.7%

Branch Breakdown

EVE Online 63.3%
World of Warcraft 26.7%
Rust 30%
Dungeons & Dragons 20%


Due to these values, we can see that we have a 40% overlap across branches, which means we have a pretty healthy amount of cross-branch integration.

Region Breakdown

Europe 30%
North America 70%
Oceania 0%


Branch Health

This section will be an overview of our branch health, more details can be found in the branch section.

EVE Online Stable, very healthly
World of Warcraft Having issues, many pain points
Rust Stable, still experimental
Dungeons & Dragons Stable, very healthy

EVE Online and Dungeons & Dragons are doing awesome at the moment, and Rust is proving to be a very successful branch. World of Warcraft has a lot of issues, which we are going to be targetting over the next month.


Community Branches

An in-depth look at each branch.

EVE Online

This is our longest running branch, and is sort of the bricks that lay the Krypted foundation. Our EVE playerbase is amazing, and it’s something that we don’t really have to worry about too much anymore.

There are a few pain points, such as ensuring that people have content and things to do, but we’re working on fixing that through delegating many more tasks to members interested in the moderation team.

Sapere and Dederra have been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes, and our recruitment team is kicking ass. George Hillier and Dractox Nidorbare are two additions to the EU administration, mostly focused on recruitment.

World of Warcraft

This is a branch that is still finding its path, and we are learning the World of Warcraft ecosystem as we go. We have a large bunch of players from EVE Online that hopped over to World of Warcraft, but they are mostly taking a break until the next expansion drops.

One of the major pain points of our World of Warcraft branch is the fact that we seeded the group from mostly players that don’t treat World of Warcraft as their main game, so it’s going to extremely important in the new expansion to bring in some core players who focus on World of Warcraft daily.

Content creation has also been a struggle as the expansion is wrapping up, but I honestly think that Battle for Azeroth will change that. Personally, I am not very invested in the game right now because it’s in that pre-expansion stage that honestly sucks, so it’s hard to push people to run content when I don’t even want to do it!

Litveon and Angrymeatball have been showing some awesome promise in running events, hopefully as the expansion drops we can recruit 10-20 more players and fill out our roster.

Ultimately, we are going to target World of Warcraft as a branch that needs a lot of attention in the upcoming quarter. 


The newest addition to the Krypted family! I think that this was a branch that existed here since day one, but it was just never official.

Our Rust growth has been fairly explosive, and I am very happy with our core playerbase and the progress that we have been making. I believe we are in a real position to change the Rust ecosystem.

This upcoming wipe will be my last wipe as branch leader, due to my focus needing to shift back to World of Warcraft. Hopefully over the next few weeks we will be able to flesh out a clear Rust administration team.

Dungeons & Dragons

In only a month, the Dungeons and Dragons branch has managed to prove itself as one of the fastest growing, stable branches in Krypted Gaming.

I had (and still have) no involvement in the Dungeons and Dragons branch, and it’s really beautiful to see it blossom under Vikaste’s administration.

This is what Krypted is all about!

Final Notes

I think that this year is really shaping up to be a wonderful year for the community, and we are on a good track for growth and success.

For the second half of the year we are going to be very focused on delegation and creating lasting administration teams for each branch, so that each branch can receive the love and care they deserve.


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