Krypted joins Rust


Rust is a survival video game, and well known for being one of the best in the genre. Our community has been playing this game for years, and we’re looking forward to expanding our presence.


In an effort to offer new an exciting content to our members, Krypted Gaming will be expanding to the wonderful world of Rust. We have been playing this game for years now, mostly in the form of informal weekend jam sessions.

Tweet from our first Rust session.

With this branch, we are taking an experimental approach by bringing an outside source to spearhead this project. iNomaD is a long-time Rust player and has run gaming communities in the past, most notably Firelight Gaming. We hope that by starting a branch directly from an outside source, we’ll be able to try something new and lay the framework for other less formal gaming branches.


Pre-Staging Phase

For the next week, we will be in a pre-staging phase. During this phase, we will be gathering prospective players and laying down a framework. Since this is not an MMORPG, we may see some changes to simplify our HR process.



We are looking to take a casual/semi-hardcore approach to Rust, and be a haven for newcomers and veterans of the game who enjoy playing it for the sake of fun.

Depending on the growth of this branch, we may look into setting up Rust on the Krypted Dedicated server. This would give us the opportunity to partition our group into competing teams. These teams could compete for prizes and leaderboards.


Getting Involved

If you’re interested in getting involved in the pre-staging phase, check out this Reddit post.

Existing Krypted members can join the Rust group on our player authentication.

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