Krypted joins DnD


Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most well-known fantasy role-playing games. Players create their own characters and follow their dreams in their own world!


In an effort to introduce more variety and interesting content to our members, Krypted Gaming has started our very own Dungeons and Dragons branch! This branch has been going on in the background for nearly 5 weeks, with multiple groups running campaigns.

The branch is being led by Vikaste, one of the officers in the World of Warcraft branch. As of today, there are three separate groups, each with their own dungeon masters and team. Some have been campaigning for nearly a month already!

To give a unique edge, we’ve been experimenting with starting a Krypted Universe, so that we can have background lore and interesting events.


Dungeons and Dragons is a fairly casual game, and we hope that this branch continues to offer a break from our main branches. The game is naturally scalable, so we hope to offer many groups running different campaigns in parallel.

Ultimately, this branch is here for you to enjoy, and get away from any of the stress of our major branches. Furthermore, it’s an integrated branch, meaning you get to interact with players from EVE Online, World of Warcraft, and Rust!


The Dungeons and Dragons branch follows the same process as our other branches.

  1. Log into our Player Authentication
  2. Navigate to “Games”
  3. Apply to Dungeons and Dragons

If you have any questions, ask in Discord!

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