Applying to Krypted Gaming


This page will walk you through applying to Krypted Gaming.


Do your Research

Before you apply, make sure you research our community, as well as other groups that you might like. We have found that players who research all of their options and make educated decisions end up enjoying their time here a lot more, and stick around for years to come.

There are many places to learn about us,

If you’re tired of hopping from guild to guild, corporation to corporation, and community to community, make sure you take some time to research the best option!

Personal Representation

We receive hundreds of applications, so you want to make yourself stand out.

  • Spend some time on your responses.
  • If you come from a game like Rust where toxicity is the norm, review your Discord avatars and Steam nicknames. It’s a very fast way to get rejected.
  • Ask questions and chat with us during your application process.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll create a solid application!


Application Process

1. Create an Authentication Account

Krypted Authentication is our custom web application to manage our community.

We use it for,

  • Automatically syncing permissions and groups across Discord & Forums
  • Managing our onboarding and application process
  • Tracking in-game activity and providing useful tools for our players

To get started with our community, we need to get you an account set up!

  1. Register on our authenticaton website.
  2. Link your Discord by clicking on the “Discord” button under Services.
  3. Create a forum account by clicking on the “Forum” button under Services.
  4. Link your forum account by logging out of the forum once. It will automatically sign you back in.

For EVE Online players, link all of your EVE Online characters.

2. Apply to a Branch

Each game has an official branch with a forum section, discord section, and administration team. To get involved with our community, you need to apply to a branch! To make life easier for our members, our application process is uniform across all branches.

To get started, you need to create your application!

Click here and choose a branch.

When filling out your application, be as verbose as possible. Talk about how you found us, and what research went into finding the right group/guild/community, and tell us about yourself!

3. Interview

Interviews act as another layer to increase retention, and ensure that players are a good fit for our community.

By talking with someone, we’re able to,

  • Explain our community mindset, culture, and goal
  • Answer any questions that they might have about us
  • Get a proper feel for their personality

Why do we do them? Because they work. Branches that have interview processes have 50% less turnover, which means a better experience for you and us.

Getting Help

If you need help at any time through this process, join our Discord (link in the navigation menu), and ask in the #recruitment channel. We are here for you!

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