Krypted Update #0


Happy new year everyone! Krypted Gaming has had a wonderful month of December! We now have around 60 characters in our corporation, with about 30 unique players, and we are showing no sign of fizzling out anytime soon!

With our null security move, we’ve published a few interesting guides in the month of December, and started bringing some multi-game into our multi-game community. Our corporation started ripping a few games of Overwatch here and there, as well as some Stellaris campaigns. We are finally settling down with SLYCE, and have finally found our home.

PvP Fleets

In 2017, we hope to become more active in combat. Now we are taking out two corporation fleets every week, alongside the numerous amount of alliance fleets. With these there are also mining operations, as well as some other goodies.


Sadly, our original industry director has gone missing in action, and we are looking for one of our own to step up to the plate. Many people have begun T2 and capital production, finally getting some blood flowing through our industrial veins!


For quite some time, wormholes were our lifeline from null security space to high security space. Now with multiple jump freighter pilots, we are no longer struggling to import and export goods. Life is a lot easier in nullsec now!

Upcoming Programs

As we obtain more free time, we hope to start a new player program that will allow us to bring in new blood, risk-free. We are still in the adolescence of our corporation, and are expanding more and more each day.

December Metrics

400B ISK Killed
20 Active PvP Characters
400 ships killed!

2017 is looking to be a wonderful year for the corporation, stay tuned!

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