Warrior Guide


Warriors are high defense madmen, who charge into battle and hold the front line. If you like to get in the face of the enemy, this archetype is perfect for you.

So you want to be a Warrior, eh?

Hello, and welcome to our Archetype series, which aims to help out players in the wonderful sandbox of Albion Online. This series is built up of several articles, each focusing on our definition of classes in Albion Online. Please keep in mind, Albion is a sandbox game, and this is simply our interpretation of classes, primarily to help out newer players to the game, who have never played in a sandbox before.

This series comprises of,

  1. The Warrior
  2. The Mage

Feel free to check them all out, and hopefully you find the playstyle that fits you! Before reading these guides, please keep the following in mind,

  • Play the game however you like to, these guides are simply to give you a template if you’re stuck.
  • There are infinite gear combinations in Albion, use our builds as templates to create your own.
  •  Because we are focused on helping new players, these builds could seem very vanilla to experienced players.

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, let’s talk about playstyles!

This article is primarily for new players to Albion Online. If you’re experienced, feel free to leave your tips and feedback in the comments below!


Battleaxes deal a ton of damage, and have wonderful utility for the group. With most builds, you’re able to sap the amount of healing received by your opponent, all while doing some extremely respectable damage. By training up the axe, you also prepare yourself for the scythe, one of the best endgame weapons.

Basic - Battleaxe

Link to example build.

To mix up your build, you can swap out things like the headpiece, good options would be the mage cowl for the poison effect. Alternatively, you could swap out your armor to gain bloodlust, and become an unstoppable self-healing barbarian.

Advanced - Carrioncaller

Link to example build.

The Carrioncaller is heavily used in hellgates and GvG, and is a great expansion option for the aspiring barbarian.



Swords have a lot of cool options, and they’re what I first started off with. If you’re looking to be a dual-wielding rogue-like assassin, running around with Dual Swords is pretty satisfying. Also, when you reach endgame content, the Clarent Blade is extremely viable.

Basic - Dual Swords

Link to example build.

Dual swords are a lot of fun, but there are better options if you’re looking to get involved in PvP.

Basic - Claymore (gank)

Link to example build.

With a nice charge ability, you can truly feel like a barbarian.

Advanced - Clarent Blade

Link to example build.

This is a great build, and can put out massive damage. When starting out, don’t worry about using the hellion hood, you can simply substitute it with a mercenary hood.



Maces are the staple for anybody who wants to dip their toes into tanking. With some massive utility, and an AOE silence, these can turn the tide of the fight fairly swiftly.

If you’re interested in tanking with a heavy mace, check out this build.


There are plenty of other options if these builds don’t wet your appetite,

I urge you to check out the Albion Online character builder, and get a feel for finding builds for whatever weapon you’re looking for. We hope this guide helped you, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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