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Albion Online is the newest sandbox MMO, and we’ve been chatting quite a bit about it in our community. Today, we finally decided that we’d pull the trigger, and a large number of us have picked up the game. This article will introduce you to the basics of Albion Online, so that you can catch up to your fellow Krypted friends as fast as possible, and enjoy this wonderful game!

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The Goal

The purpose of this guide is to ensure that you can,

  • Gather materials in the black zone, and partake in guild activities.
  • Participate in expeditions with your fellow guild mates.
  • Have the basis so that you can specialize and do whatever your heart desires.


  1. Get the skills listed in the crafting section.
  2. Get to Tier IV gear level.
  3. Get Adept Reaver.
  4. Boom! You’re done, come get involved in guild content.


Getting Started

When you first create your character and hop in, you’ll be at a nice little starter island, with some tasks to do on the right. This is just a mini-tutorial, and shouldn’t take extremely long to complete.

Some tips,

  • You can only create objects at crafting buildings
  • Pick whatever armor you find coolest
  • You can swap your gold to silver pretty easily, and get a lot of starting cash
  • Use N to see your local map, and M to see the world map

After the tutorial, you should have a decent handle on the game. You should the basics down for gathering, crafting, and combat.


The Destiny Board

In Albion, there isn’t really experience in the traditional sense. You essentially gain mastery by doing certain things in the game, which unlocks your ability to do those things better. Much like training skill points in EVE Online, you train fame in certain areas.

For example, I’m currently playing as a leather-type rogue-like character, and thus I focus heavily on getting my leather armor mastery as high as possible, so that I can use the best leather armor, and open up new skills for my character.

The most important thing about starting out is understanding what you need, what to work towards, and your progress towards it. Explore the Destiny Board for a little bit, and make use of the search function at the top right.

Press B to get to your board.


Learning Points

As long as you’re a premium player, you’ll be generating learning points every day. These are extremely valuable points that allow you to skip a lot of the grinding.

Once you’re about 1/3 of the way towards achieving something in your destiny board, you’ll be able to use learning points to burn through the rest instantly. You’ll be able to do this by clicking the learn button found on a particular destiny board objective.

Most of our members have been using learning points to quickly get up to speed. Just remember, they’re limited!



You’ll want a mount as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll be clawing your eyes out within a few hours of getting the game going. The tutorial should give you a mount, otherwise you can buy one off the marketplace.

A few things about the mount,

  • When you dismount, you can quickly remount as long as you don’t walk out of the circle
  • Once you walk out of the circle, your mount comes back to your inventory
  • You can get better mounts with the Adventurer objectives in the destiny board
  • If you’re in range of your mount, you’ll have a slight inventory boost

I suggest you stick with the horse, as the yak seems to be really good for gathering.



The crafting system in Albion Online is by far one of the most unique we’ve seen in any MMO. Due to the nature of Albion, progressing across multiple destiny objects takes a crazy amount of time, which forces players to specialize in their craft. For example, if you want to be the best cobbler in Albion, you’ll need to focus on making shoes, over and over.

Our suggestion is to get the following for gathering,

  • Journeyman Fiber Harvester
  • Journeyman Ore Miner
  • Journeyman Animal Skinner
  • Journeyman Lumberjack

So that you can gather materials in the lowest of black zone territory. Don’t focus on crafting immediately, as it’s a pretty long rabbit hole. Crafting can always be boosted by silver, and doesn’t take a large amount of time to actually train. It can wait until you have more of a handle on the game. However, gathering is something that you must grind, and there are no shortcuts.



Your character is completely defined by what you’re wearing, and therefore it’s important to figure out what type of armor you like, and how you can mix it up.

There are several tiers of gear, but the most important is Tier IV. This will allow you to get involved with guild content, such as gathering parties in the black zone. Also, when you hear us talk about 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, that simply means that the gear is augmented, and has a boost.

We’re all about having fun here, so play what you enjoy. We’ll worry about the rest later, just know the following,

  • Cloth is low defense, and high damage.
  • Leather is balanced.
  • Plate is high defense, low damage.

There are a lot of different types of weapons, you’ll have to fiddle around with each of them to figure out what abilities you like. Currently I’m using dual swords with a leather armor layout, and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Here are some layouts our current members are using,

  • Tank – Mace & plate armor.
  • Warrior – Dual swords & leather armor.
  • Frost Mage – Frost staff & cloth armor.
  • Healer – Nature staff & cloth armor.

Figure out what is fun for you, worry about efficiency later! Buy your gear on the marketplace!



Grab the game, it’s a ton of fun, and worth $30.

Focus on having fun, and then get the basics done so you can start playing with your pals in Krypted.

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