Caerleon is the one-stop shop for everything Albion, and one of the most important cities to know about in the game. It’s the prime center for end-game content, and pretty much the best location to set up your personal and guild island. In this short writeup, we’ll go over the basics of Caerleon in Albion Online, how to navigate Caerleon, and why you’ll want to pitch a tent there.

Why Caerleon?

Here’s the two main reasons to base out of Caerleon.

  • Caerleon is the main market hub in Albion.
  • Caerleon is the only way to get to the black zone.

However, there are some downsides to living in Caerleon,

  • Prices can be more expensive than outer cities.
  • Surrounded by red zones.
  • Frequently overloaded. Can cause crashes, performance issues, and more.

Caerleon Tunnels

Understanding the tunnels is one of the most important part of navigating Caerleon. Frequently, some of the red-zone exists are camped, and you’ll need to use the tunnels to get around. Also, most of the tunnel locations will get you to a yellow zone faster, allowing you to do some safe farming, or yellow hell gates.

Viewing the tunnel routes on the map

Arrows pointing at dotted lines leaving from Caerleon.

Look for the dotted lines, indicating Caerleon tunnel routes.

Each dotted line represents a different path from the tunnels.

Getting to the tunnels

Picture of a Caerleon map with 4 arrows on it.

Entrance to the Caerleon tunnels from inside Caerleon.

There are also some entrances in odd places, like the Caerleon market.

Getting back to Caerleon


Picture of a Caerleon tunnel circled.

Entrance to the Caerleon tunnels from outside of Caerleon.



Caerleon Realmgate

The black zone is where most end-game content leads, and is extremely lucrative for all players. Whether you’re a solo player, small group, or massive guild, you’ll want to poke your head into the black zone for some high-risk, high-reward content. At the moment, Caerleon is the only way to get to the black zone, so you’ll need to understand the Caerleon Realmgate.

Realmgate Basics

  • When you travel through a portal, you are locked to that portal for 10 minutes.
  • When you travel to a black zone continent, you are locked to that continent for 2 hours.
  • If you make a mistake and travel to the wrong portal, you have a one minute window to go back to Caerleon, and amend your mistake.
Getting to the Realmgate

You can also reach the realmgate by going NW in the market.




Caerleon is one of the most important cities in Albion Online, and every player should know how to navigate it. Due to the true endgame being the blackzone, we recommend to all our members that they base themselves out of Caerleon. It’s extremely easy to have a proxy city, where you keep yellow hellgate gear, and gather up when you’re bored.

We hope this guide helped, enjoy your time in Albion!

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